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KMT STELLRAM - каталог решений для высокопроизводительного фрезерования - 2014 год EN

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Patented Breakthroughs for Difficult to Machine Materials:

Cut Faster. Cut Longer. Cut More Profitably.
These Kennametal Milling Systems are specifically designed and manufactured for
machining high performance, difficult-to-machine materials.
This capability was developed after years of advanced R&D in materials science and machining
Titanium and Titanium Alloys, Nickel Alloys and Superalloys, Stainless Steel and Specialty Alloys, and
Hard Materials.
The result: These proven “Best in Class” machining solutions presented in this brochure.
Our strategy is to bring “game changing” cutting tool solutions that deliver industry leading metal
removal rates. Higher metal removal rates mean you increase capacity, make more profit and deliver
in shorter lead times.
Stellram® high performance cutting tools are known for cutting titanium like butter and have found
wide application in the aerospace, defense, power generation, oil and gas, medical, transportation
and construction and mining industries.

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